Make Money Online By Listening Music Just For Beginners

Make Money Online By Listening Music Just For Beginners is an online platform for singers and songwriters that presents their songs and makes money by listening to music. This is a website that links artists with talent hunters. Musicxray is a music technology company based in New York, and it began its online business in 2009. A huge amount of songs are downloaded on their platform daily. Users can choose to listen to any songs of interest to them.

How to make money listening to music on MusicXray


In essence, this website was created to promote artists who want their music to be recognizable, and to create a global fan base. These artists pay a fee for promoting their music and creating a fan base, presenting their songs on the portal and creating followers. Users can also register as fans to listen to music of their choice. These users or fans are paid to listen to the music of amateur artists. Records are basically just 30 seconds long. The site pays a few cents per song. Since you want to make money on the Internet, you will subscribe as a fan.


  • Start by registering for a Musicxray account. You have the option to register by connecting to your Sound Cloud account, or you can simply register by email. Here’s a link.
  • The next step is to choose the type of account you are creating. To make money on the Internet, you will create a fan account. So select Music fan.
  • Next, you will be prompted to connect to your Facebook. Please note that syncing your Facebook account is important; without it, your fan account will not work properly.
  • Now, when you are connected to your Facebook account, another window will open, which looks like this: Here you select the music you are interested in. Just click on any of the genres that interest you.
  • Once your music is selected, go to the list of your favorite artists and click “Save.”
  • Hopefully now you have completed your fan profile. Now you can click on the incoming messages of your fan match to check if there is any new music that you can listen to. You will be notified when a new track is uploaded.
  • How it works, you must listen to music for 30 seconds, and once the song is completed, you will be credited 10 cents per song.
  • As soon as your minimum length of time for listening to the song is completed, a green dialog box will appear in which it will be said that Musicxray has added some money to your account. Below you will see the opportunity to become a fan or not. According to your preferences, you can either become a fan or click Not a fan and go to the next song.
  • Things to know
  • Musicxray is a pretty simple site to play. However, there are a few points you should know before you begin.
  • You cannot listen to a song for less than 30 seconds; if you do this, you will not be credited with money.
  • After listening to the track, you can either become a fan of it or refuse it, in any case, you will still receive payment for the track you listen to.
  • It’s best if you change your music preferences weekly, because this way you will get more tracks to listen to.

Musicxray allows users to withdraw their payments only through PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $ 20. Users have the opportunity to cash out several times.

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