How To Make Nice Graphic Designer Portfolio By Working On These Sites

How To Make Nice Graphic Designer Portfolio By Working On These Sites

Graphic design has become a very popular profession among IT professionals and freelancers. Building a career as a graphic designer is easy if you fully focus on it. Consistency is the key. It is best to enroll in a graphic course or degree before you start looking for work.

More and more people are joining this area because they see potential in it. This is a profession that is well suited for freelance, if you have the skill to do so. There are many companies and sites that hire graphic designers to work for them. And they get paid very well. We have compiled a list of the 5 best sites for graphic designers to make money on the Internet.

List of graphic design sites:

Here are the best graphic design freelance websites the internet has to offer: How to build a graphic design career

Creative Market

The user can create their own stores and earn money by selling their designs. By becoming the owner of the store, you can create your own products and update them whenever you want, and as soon as the products are downloaded, they will be launched immediately. What is good about this platform is that there is no penalty for selling your designs on other sites.

Payment details

Creative marketing allows designers to set their prices and update them if necessary. Designers will receive 70% for each sale. Creative Market pays its designers through a bank deposit and PayPal. For more information on how to do this, check out their FAQ page.


48hourslogo is a huge market for buying and selling logos. Launched in 2010, the company has grown rapidly and now has over 3 million logos and 40,000 customers. This particular site is for the right graphic designers, not beginners. To grow your career in graphic design, you need to have a good portfolio. How it works, if a client wants a logo, he starts a competition for its development. After the start of the competition, designers can take part in the competition and develop a logo within 48 hours. During this time, the client will have many design options.

Payment details

The cost of the logo is indicated by the client and usually ranges from 99 to 300 dollars. If your design is chosen by the client, prize money is paid to you. For more information, visit our FAQ page.


Inkd is an online marketplace for print designs, including brochures, logos, postcards, menus, etc. Established in 2009, the company has about 2,000 original design templates. How does this online market work; designers, after registration, build storefronts to showcase their designs and templates for sale. A few simple steps that designers must follow are to first select the type of product you want to create, such as a brochure; download the template from the website to ensure proper standards, and after development download the file. After you download the design; reviewers will review it for quality control and approve the work, which will then be uploaded to the website for sale.

Payment details

Designers earn commissions for their work. Each time a customer buys your design or template, you get a 20% commission for each sale. The sale price of each design ranges from 39 to 99 dollars. The company pays its designers through PayPal and a bank check. The threshold for payment is $ 25. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

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