How To Get Real Data Entry Jobs For Make Money Online

How To Get Real Data Entry Jobs For Make Money Online

Most people are always looking for a secondary source of part-time income to maintain their financial well-being. The truth is that our regular jobs are so hectic that we can hardly find the time for any other work. But there are actually several features on the Internet that are totally worth your time. We are going to share several websites that offer legitimate online data entry jobs. The best thing about data entry is that you can do a great job in a very short time. He also does not consume too many mental abilities, because you do not need to think too much. Data entry tasks mainly include typing and filling out forms. Therefore, if you have a full-time job and you still need more money to improve your lifestyle, read on.

Smart Crowd

LionBridge SmartCrowd is part of the Business Process Sourcing community management company. They employ more than 100,000 cloud specialists from around the world. Some of their client companies are world market leaders, including Adobe, Caterpillar, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and many others. They offer users from all over the world to join their team and earn money by completing short tasks. Most of the work consists of data mining, data entry, testing, and language translations.

No membership fee. When you apply for a job, they will ask you questions about your education, demography, area of ​​knowledge, and language skills. Based on your profile, they will appoint you the most suitable job. Once your application has been submitted, you will be provided with an assessment of placements. Your grades will determine how much work you will receive in the future. Therefore, be careful when you make them. Apply for SmartCrowd HERE.

How does SmartCrowd Pay work?

All tariffs are set for each task that you perform on SmartCrowd. You will be paid once a month. They pay directly to your bank account using DirectDeposit.


This company can offer you the easiest way to make money from the Internet. That’s right, you get paid for the CAPTCHA solution. It could not be easier than that. If for some reason you do not know what CAPTCHA is, have you seen an image with random alphabets on it that you must enter to enter the website? Here’s what it looks like:

Security Codes

You can earn money to solve these captcha. The amount of money you can earn depends on how much CAPTCHA you can decide. But do not expect too much. This type of work cannot fill your pockets with money. They mentioned on their website that the amount earned for CAPTCHA is greater when fewer people decide. Thus, you will earn less if at this time they are solved by a huge number of people. You can also earn more by inviting your friends to the system. Apply for 2Captcha HERE.

How Does 2-Captcha Work?

2Captcha offers the following payment methods: WebMoney, Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money. You can withdraw money as soon as your earnings reach $ 0.5. They do not charge a fee on your withdrawals, so that’s a plus.


ClickWorker began as a pilot project launched by NASA, which hired workers to participate in work on scientific data. Now it has become a recognized online brand that pays employees for small tasks. Tasks include web research, data categorization, online polls, proofreading, text correction, etc.

The best thing is that they are always looking for internet workers who can do all this for them. Work never ends. You will be asked to complete some short assessments. The number and quality of jobs you receive depends on the score you get in these grades. Here is a guide that explains the entire workflow in detail.

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