Best Freelance Sites That Paid Through Payoneer To Freelancers

Best Freelance Sites That Paid Through Payoneer To Freelancers

Those familiar with the freelance industry know the price of Payoneer. This is one of the fastest and fastest ways to transfer and withdraw money in any country. For this reason, we are going to share the best freelance sites that pay through Payoneer.

Paypal, the largest online gateway, is not available in some countries. These countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Central African Republic, which are considered the largest markets in the freelancer industry. However, no matter how cool, Payoneer can be freely and efficiently used in these countries.

Some freelancers find Payoneer more convenient and useful than PayPal. The reason is that Payoneer provides you with a special debit card to cash out your money. You can withdraw money at any ATM in your city. Freelance Sites Paying With Payoneer

List of sites that pay through Payoneer

We have included several freelance sites that pay through Payoneer, among other payment methods, in the list. Therefore, if you live in one of those countries where PayPal does not work, you can always create your Payoneer account and start working on the Internet. Here is a list of websites you can join and get started:


Upwork, being the largest freelance portal, is a wise choice to join if you are aiming to become a freelancer. You can find an online job at Upwork in the IT field. You can apply for writing works, software and web development, translation work, data entry tasks, etc.
The best thing about Upwork, they offer you several payment options. Payoneer is one of them. Once you have accumulated enough money in your account, you can withdraw it through a Payoneer debit card in a few clicks.

A freelancer is similar to Upwork and can be a great alternative if you think Upwork is too complicated. Of course, you can work on both sites to increase the chances of getting the desired job. But you will need to make more efforts to build your reputation on both platforms.
The freelancer also offers you the opportunity to cash out your earnings through Payoneer. A small fee is also associated with this.


You can literally offer any type of service, from writing articles to social media marketing, creating graphics and logos, working as a virtual assistant, singing songs for customers and so on. You can offer everything that you do well. The only limitation is that you must provide services digitally, not physically.
Fiverr also allows you to withdraw money through Payoneer. This is a great opportunity for you to use your talents to earn stable money.


PeoplePerHour is a British freelance portal that allows you to work mainly with English clients. Jobs are considered relatively high paying compared to other freelance portals. PeoplePerHour gives you the opportunity to apply for freelance work, and also offers your services, known as Hourlies.
The portal is very intuitive, and you can easily create your profile in a few minutes. Withdrawing money from this platform is also very quick and easy.

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