How To Make Money Online From Your Mobile Phone

How To Make Money Online From Your Mobile Phone

These are difficult times, and almost all of us need a little more money in our pockets. Mobile apps that make money are becoming more popular every day. The reason is that you can easily make money on the go and no longer be limited to your desktop PC. We’ve already published a guide to 10 mobile apps that let you make money from your phone, and now there’s more apps that provide more creative ways to make money online. So, here is a comprehensive guide to these ten applications. Mobile apps to make money from your phone.


Cash for Apps is an application that allows its users to earn money by downloading and launching other applications. How it works is that there is a list of applications available for download, and each application has its own points, which are paid for downloading them. You will earn approximately $ 10- $ .50 per application. What is good about this application is that it is an easy way to earn extra money without doing anything.

How is Cash-for-Apps paid?

This application pays you points for downloading its applications. Most applications in the list pay from 10 to 70 points, this can be earned either by launching the application or by performing a small task in the downloaded application. These points are then exchanged for gift cards or mobile phone top-ups.

FeaturePoints app

Feature Points is another application that allows you to earn money or use gift cards by downloading other applications. It works the same as Cash-for-Apps; but if you want to get money for downloading such applications, this is one of the best applications for this.

After downloading the application on your Android / iOS device, go to the store page, which shows a list of applications to download. Here you can earn points for downloading applications from the list, and you use this application for about 2 minutes to earn your points.

How FeaturePoints Are Paid

This app pays you though points. You can redeem these points for cash through PayPal, but with gift cards or rewards such as Amazon, itunes, Starbucks gift cards, etc. Downloadable apps pay between 50 and 100 points per download. The user must score 600 points to receive any reward. Where 600 points are equal to 1 dollar.

Surveys on the go:-

Survey On The Go is similar to its name, a survey application that pays you with real money. Here you are paid to participate in surveys on various topics, such as entertainment, technology, food, etc. The application works on Android and iOS devices, but only for users from the United States.

Therefore, as soon as you download the application and subscribe to it, you will first need to conduct demographic surveys for $ .50. These polls will help the app get more polls for you in the future. The list also has various topics. You can even turn on your location to get more targeted polls. Make sure you keep opening the app to check if polls are available or not.

How does the survey work on the go?

This application pays its users through PayPal. The payment that you spend can cost from 0.25 to 5 dollars for each, which is more than any other application will pay you. The minimum payout for this application is $ 10.

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